Another a cappella group but a little different from the Real group and Rajaton. It is composed of 32 singers and a conductor, not like the Real group or Rajaton that owns less than ten members. Therefore, their performances had more multi-layer variety. Not only rythm, their companiment supported sweet harmony as well as abundant sound effects. I think the only pity in their performances was their speaker was too louder to make the subject be inundated. In fact, I sat in the 4th floor but still got ears hurt because the loud sounds sometimes. As 炫超 said, he almost cannot hear any good voice but noise because he sat in the 2nd floor. Ha, ha, ha... it's so lucky to me that I didn't change the seat from the 4th floor to the 2nd floor since they didn't have break time after I went getting into. Such a nice luck I owned. XD

Here is the introductions of the Vocal Line and their conductor, and they are cited from Taipei Philharmonic Fundation, as well as the photo.

Vocal Line
Vocal Line is a modern a cappella choir boasting 32 singers, directed by Jens Johansen.

The choir was formed in 1991 inAarhus, Denmark and our goal is to be trendsetters in the development of contemporary a cappella music on a national as well as an international level. Over the years, we have continuously sought to expand the limits of a cappella singing, and we aim to keep improving our art.

We concentrate almost exclusively on new compositions and new arrangements. Although deeply rooted in the Danish choir tradition, we have developed a personal style and sound, which can be characterized as a mixture of pop, rock, jazz, world, and classical avantgarde.

With this highly original take on modern a cappella as it is presented at the beginning of the new millennium, it is safe to say that nobody sounds quite like Vocal Line!

Vocal Line is known throughout the Danish and European choir community, has won a number of international awards and prizes, and stands as a role model for choirs and conductors across the country and internationally. As one of the “foremost choirs of Europe” Vocal Line has recently received an invitation for the 7th World Choral Symposium in Kyoto, Japan in 2005. Vocal Line has decided to give two performances "Take-off: Taiwan-Japan Tour 2005" in May in our hometown of Aarhus.

Jens Johansen, Conductor
The conductor and musical director of Vocal Line is Jens Johansen (b. 1952). Vocal Line was formed in January 1991 by Jens Johansen, who has conducted the choir in a dedicated and energetic manner ever since. Besides conducting, he also finds time to arrange new songs.

He is employed as an assistant professor at Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Aarhus Universitet (the Musicology Department at the University of Aarhus), where his lectures include "Arranging for Pop/Rock Choir", "Conducting Contemporary Choir " and "Music Theory and Analysis".

In addition, he also teaches "Conducting Contemporary Choir" at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. He has recently completed a research project on "Part-singing in Pop/Rock Music", in which Vocal Line plays an important part.

Jens Johansen has given lectures at various seminars and acted as conductor at a number of choir festivals in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Germany and Hungary. Over the past 20 years, he has published numerous choir arrangements and compositions that are performed by a wide array of choir singers all over Europe.

On top of this, he is a board member on the committee of the choir organization KOR72 as well as on the committee of Danske Korledere (Danish Choir Conductors). In these capacities, he helps organize seminars, workshops and choir contests to the benefit of Danish choir singers and conductors.

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